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Welcome to Pure Balance Healing. My name is Maura, and I am passionate about helping you work towards living a more balanced and stress-free lifestyle. I specialize in, in person and distant Reiki healing. I also provide energy healing products in the form of bespoke Reiki infused candles, personal inhalers and essential oils. I have studied the art of Reiki healing for many years and have helped people along on their healing journey. I would love to work with you on your healing journey. Get in touch today

Bespoke Candles

Pure Balance Reiki Healing Sligo candles

Struggling for gift ideas for loved ones? Or are you a candle lover who loves having them in your home. Try our handmade Reiki charged candles.

We take care to provide bespoke candles especially for you. Each candle is made with soy wax and therapeutic 100% pure essential oils. We add cleansed crystals on top of each candle that correspond with the benefits of the essential oils in every one of a kind blend.

The main focus of our candles are the positive Reiki intentions they are charged with, the scent being a subtle but complimenting addition. Since our products are made by hand, we know exactly what goes into each one. Each ingredient carefully chosen to deliver the best results. In today’s climate, what we leave out is just as important as what we leave in.

Our candles are aromatic, delicate & beautifully designed. Choose one of our signature candles below, or contact me to create a bespoke candle for you or your loved one.

Our Signature Candles

Pure Balance Reiki Healing Sligo Candles

With a clear minded blend of veviter and cedarwood essential oils, the aromatherapy benefits include helping to stimulate the mind and promotes focus on the task at hand. Helps with memory retention. Great for helping with school and work assignments. Crystals best suited to this blend include, amethyst, clear quartz and tiger's eye.

Pure Balance Reiki Healing Sligo Candles

A subtle blend of bergamot and cherry blossom. These essential oils are the perfect pair with both calming and uplifting abilities. Bergamot oil can dissipate anxious feelings while simultaneously providing cleansing and purifying benefits. Complementary crystals to this blend include moonstone, citrine and amethyst.

Pure Balance Reiki Healing Sligo Candles

This candle has been beautifully fragranced with palmarossa and patchouli. The pairing of these essential oils with appropriate crystals will mean this candle encourages positivity not only in relationships, friendships, but also is very beneficial for developing and strengthening self-love. Complementary crystals to this blend include rose quartz and garnet.

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Contact me to order one of our amazing signature candles or get in touch and together we can create a bespoke candle for you or a loved one.